2021.06.22 Busy is as busy does...

 Yeah, ok, so I missed my Titan update.  So here's a bit of a catch-up.  Warlord #3 and Reaver #5 are finished, woo  On top of that, I've built - and now need to prime (please, NYC in June, could we stop raining on the weekends for five minutes?) - a wargaming city table scaled appropriately for Epic, and am currently juggling expanding that alongside painting more Knights for Malinax. Adeptus Titanicus Update Tonitrum Varico (Rolling Thunder) and Spectatus Speculator (Vigilant Watchman) join their sister engines on the battlefield, along with a whole bunch of third party plasma weapons I picked up because plasma is fun :) I'm pretty happy with the running pose on Spectatus ; it's meant to represent a "Power to Locomotors!" reactor push or even "Full Stride" order, and I wanted you to feel like it's a heavy machine powering forward.  I also wanted to put some sway in it, and emphasize the stomping, predatory nature of the engine.  Reavers aren&

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