2023.10.08 part 2: Shieldbash!

 I had initially planned to tack this onto the end of the workbench update, but I realized that the girls (& critters) deserved their own post.  I worked on these in a couple of waves: First off, I wanted a second archer and a bunch of wild animals for scenario play, and while I was at it, it was time to paint up the Flalhund.  So in this little scene, you can see the new archer and her trusty Flalhund, facing off against a pack of wild Kanids (I added the grey and black squirrel-wolves to the red I'd already painted), while in the background, some Uhyre leave their cave at sunset... with a Mundicus lurking in the shadows. After that, it was onto some objective markers, a VIP, and some long-awaited expansions for the cavalry: The chests were from Spellcrow, but feel right for the fantasy theme of Shieldbash, and I'm happy with how they turned out. The VIP is from the War of Ashes RPG miniature set, but I think she makes a pretty good senator or noblewoman for my fighters to

2023.10.08 part 1: More Titans!

2023.09.14 More hobby progress: House Malinax & Legio Gryphonicus

2023.08.15 Yep, still here.