2020.04.15 [Quarantine] Hobby Update

+++ Pict capture:  Unidentified Legio Tempestus battlegroup marches on Nyrcon City, circa 002.M31 +++ Well, obviously I haven't gotten a whole lot of gaming in over the past few weeks.  After coming back from a short vacation and a business trip right before the world shut down... well yeah.  Passed on Cold Wars, and generally hunkered down working from home and painting when I could. So along the way I finally got myself back onto the Bolter & Chainsword forums, and committed to their Titans of the Heresy II panting challenge.  With that, I committed myself to finishing two Reavers (one of which I shared in the last blog post) and a Warbringer.  Well, fast-forward a few weeks of feverish work e-mails and being busier than ever, here's the remaining fruits of my labor: Nearly 800 points of carnage, I now have two CQB Reavers and the first of two walking artillery platforms ready to go ;) The Warbringer was a ridiculous amount of work, even compared to a W

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