2021.05.12 Hey look, signs of life!

Ooph.  So yeah, lost access to my Flickr account sometime after my last blog post (thanks, Yahoo), shifted gears into preparing for a move out of state, executed that move, dealt with dog health issues, and oh yeah, the year of COVID.

Well, I managed to get a dozen or so models painted for Shieldbash in the second half of 2020, and built and primed a whole bunch of stuff for Necromunda, magnetize tanks for Epic...  and that was it.

Things picked back up in early 2021.  I finished the other half of said Shieldbash warband (pictures here), polished off a few titan weapons, and dove into painting a Reaver and a Warlord for Tempestus in Adeptus Titanicus, and that's just my start for the year.  Oh yeah, and I set up a new Flickr account so I can actually support the blog with pictures again ;)

Hoping to work on the following during the remainder of the year:

  1. Finish off a bunch of Dark Mechanicum Skitarii (Epic)
  2. Build and paint a Siegelord and a Banelord (Epic)
  3. Build & paint a Warmaster for my Tempestus force (AT18)
  4. Paint up a Van Saar gang (Necromunda)
  5. Paint up Jaarl for (Shieldbash)
  6. Get started on a Legio Astorum force (AT18)
  7. Maybe get to my Orlocks as a stretch goal (NM17)
  8. And dear god I need to paint some terrain for Epic/AT18 and Necromunda already
Realistically, even if I finish these two titans before we get too deep into June, I'll probably knock 2-3 projects off that list before the year's out, 4-5 if I'm strategic about painting Van Saars and Jaarl.  Still, that'll be pretty good for me, for the kind of year it's been since last March.

So yeah, onto the newly painted minis, then!

Here's everything I've painted up for Shieldbash since August of 2020.  This is everything in the model range, plus a few conversions (second berserker, both bug cavalry).

I'm pretty happy with how the girls turned out, all told.  I've learned a lot about shading and how to paint fur compared to when I painted up my initial Jaarl force back in 2017-2018.

I wanted a simple, uniform palette for the force - bronze armor & white chitons, and purple-dyed leather armor made sense to contrast with the bronze and the browns.  Between "skin tone" fur, hair, leather kit & wooden weapon hafts, I think I ended up with at least six different brown shades (counting the kanids) in this army.  Pretty happy that I managed to keep them all distinct enough that you can tell what you're looking at on the individual models, even when multiple browns end up occupying the same general real estate, like on the spear levies.

So yeah, these girls are properly seal-coated, and should be getting plenty of table time in the months and years to come.  Next post will probably be an Adeptus Titanicus update, and then hopefully some WIP shots on the next engines for Suturvora...