Painting In Progress

So, Nostramo's Lament is coming along!  This is that Chaos Blasphemer-class Battleship I mentioned in my introductory blog.  I'm delaying publishing my guide to Warp Rift Online until I have her painted up to include in the guide as a finished product, along with a brief snippet of lore.

I need to put on another thin layer of the gold where it's necessary, and I think I want to darken the red some more; it's a bit more brilliant than I had anticipated, and I think I have too much bright paint on the model relative to the darker hull.  Speaking of the hull, my cobalt blue tone is itself, I feel, too bright, so once I have the gold consistent and solid, I'll be doing some blue touch-ups and then running a darker blue ink wash over her to bring the blue back down darker.  I was considering pushing the gold highlights brighter, but at most after a dark wash on them, I'll probably just bring them to a medium brightness in a few areas in an attempt to keep the scheme more muted and menacing.  Wow, I never thought that, on top of a black basecoat, I'd actually find myself trying to mute my colors back down.  Ah well ;)

Also, I'm experimenting with figuring out how I want to do the engine flares on her.  I'm thinking it's going to end up being a red-tinted plasma burn, but the Imperial engine nacelles on her stern don't really lend themselves to easy painting in that regard.  I may need to put a little putty in them, carefully, so I have something to hit with white and a red corona ring...