2020.02.17 Hobby Update

Yeah, way overdue for this.  I've completed a lot since my last hobby update in November, I just didn't finish everything I wanted to before I posted, so I kept putting it off.  Blame myself for being unnecessarily perfectionist about hobby goals.

Anyhow, in chronological order, here's what I've completed, and roughly when:

I.  Legio Tempestus Warhound #4 - ~Mid-November

This guy was completed just in case I had to play a 1250 point game at PAX Unplugged - I could run a full Venator maniple and at least get 3 activations out of it (and believe me, Warhound packs live much longer than solos).  Probably should re-shade those toes a little; will do that when I hit Reaver #3 again (see below).

II.  Legio Tempestus Warlord Carapace Weaponry - ~Mid-December(?)

I knocked these guys out before Christmas, and the gatling blasters, at least, got their first game right around New Year's.  I know the world swears by gatling blasters for their brawler Warlords, but I think I mig…

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