Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Iron Warriors Contemptor Dreadnoughts

So I got my hands on some 6mm scale dreadnought proxies that I decided to incorporate into my Epic-scale Iron Warriors army.  They're beautiful little sculpts, and almost as pose-able as the 28mm scale miniatures they were made to echo.

As you can see from the photos, I posed the basic model as if it were charging forward, hosing a line of lesser infantry with the combi-bolter in its left arm.  As for the one with the missile pod, I went for a more sedate walking pose, imagining this guy resolutely plodding forward, pouring suppressing fire into the ranks of the enemy while leading an "IRON WITHIN, IRON WITHOUT" war chant.

I was hoping to get my hands on a pair without missile pods and with twin-linked autocannon equivalents, but beggars can't be choosers, so my opponents will just have to ignore the missile rack on the one.

Here's the set of parts I was working with.  You can see two things in this picture:  (1) pretty much ALL of the weapon arms I was provided with were left-handed, and (2) I decided that I wanted to put raised shoulder guards on the dreadnoughts, similar to Forgeworld's Death Guard Contemptor, which is tricked out to resemble a suit of Mk 3 power armor.  Swapping the assault cannons around proved to be pretty easy, at least.  As for the shoulder trim, I used 1mm square rod for this, which TBH might still have been too big.  That said, if I ever decide to field a dreadnought formation, he'll stand out as the formation's commander/army warlord.

Ultimately, I dropped the extra trim from the missile pod version on the final build, because when I test-fitted it, the arms couldn't really rotate and clear the carapace weapon with it in place (oops).  I still need to paint the bases and touch up some of the paint (especially the freehand hazard stripes, god I hate painting those), but they're table-ready to support an Iron Warriors company in my next gaming session.

The next post will be my terminator formation, with obliterator support and a finished version of that terminator lord who was lurking in the background for size comparison purposes.  After that I'll try to put up a shot of the completed army to date maybe, and possibly progress shots of the BIG project I have going on in parallel...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Signs of Life

The past year has been extremely busy, and I had very little time to game, let alone paint or model.  I did manage to get pretty deep into my Iron Warriors army for Epic:  Armageddon over the Summer, but I never did quite get around to posting up in-progress pictures or finished model shots.

I will be updating the blog again soon with some progress shots, but I figured I'd put up a post now giving an idea of what I'm working on.  My goal is to work on one detachment a week for an Epic army, or one terrain piece/set (I have a lot of gun emplacements to build for my artillery, for example), until I have to start packing up to move in May/June.  I think that's a reasonable goal, if only because most of the units I have left to paint are at max, 6 bases in size. ;)

I made it most of the way through my Iron Warriors and I have a solid core painted up for the army (I need to decide upon and finish off basing them though).  I still have a lot of ancillary units that need completing and painting though, among them Terminators, Havoks in Land Raiders, a Basilisk company, an Ordinatus, and a Ravager Titan among others (and not necessarily in that order).  Most blog updates will involve this army for the foreseeable future, as I'd like to finish off one project relatively fully before I jump to the next.

I'm totally rebooting my Knights.  I wasn't super-thrilled with my paint scheme, and it was a royal pain to paint up besides.  Since I wanted to use Metallica as my Titan Legion, I'm a little miffed that GW decided to make House Raven so unimaginatively red.  The question is whether I want to use House Raven for my Knights, or come up with another (less purple and yellow) Knight Household to serve alongside my Titans.  I did like using purple, although the specific Knight models I'm using don't lend themselves easily to the classic heraldry patterns, so I may not try for a checked or quartered scheme this time.

There's something to be said for Raven's Mechanicus Standard Red as it will show up nicely on the table and will go well with a slashed or chevroned black and white pattern, but that's exactly what I'm using on Legio Metallica, so the Knights will be largely unremarkable next to them.  I'm just not painting that much yellow or white again; it was a real hassle when I first started working on Knights.

Epic:  Armageddon Project List:
1)  Finish Iron Warriors (~70% complete)
2)  Knight World or Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion
2)  Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion or Knight World
4)  Minervan Tank Regiment
5)  Black Templar?