Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sure, why not, let's juggle a couple of projects at once...

So, since I still can't decide whether or not I want to add battle damage to my battleship, and since it hasn't dried up enough outdoors to get a good dry primer spraying day down on some other projects, I got started on my next large BFG vessel.

Below you'll find my WIP Vengeance prow alternative. I based her off of the Repulsive's prow with some modifications. She's .75 inches wide at her base, .5 inches wide at the top, and .25 inches deep. I built out a framework on Monday, filled her in with putty on Tuesday, and then with a hobby knife I trimmed the excess out and sanded it down to get my dagger shape when I got home tonight (the alternative was to repeat my hour of playing with obscure angles and plasticard lengths from Monday, which honestly, was not getting me anywhere. At all.) So far tonight, I've started adding the trim (so you can actually see her lines), and shaped the spine that I'll be using as a guide on the top to get that acute sloping Chaos prow effect.

The next photo will show you what it looks like at this stage, plugged into the Retaliator's prow slot. I plan to bring the prow up from the upper trim in a pair of shallow angles, which will reach that upper metal bit and stop, and in this ship's case, I plan on using some more plastic strip to drape the arms of a massive chaos star over that area a la BFG core rulebook artwork. the long sloping prow sections I will in this case finish smoothing and then drill to fit numerous antennae into in order to represent the +1 Ld sensor probe upgrade from the BFG:R Chaos fleet list (although I may not use it in every game).

This is mainly a proof of concept build. If it works, well, I have a few more hulls to do something similar with, although I think I might try for a differently-shaped prow for my Imperial Vengeance hulls.

Next steps:
1) build up the upper surface of the prow to a pointed edge;
2) start on the superstructure beneath the prow (bring it down similar to the Vengeance and Repulsive prows, add a couple of close defense turrets, bring the keel slightly forward onto it)
3) upper deck trim work (Chaos star), drill and mount antennae and sensor probes, add some gribbly squares and bits similar to Imperial ship prows to help hybridize the design
4) fill in that square gap between the prow and the hull, add some plating, and gribbly it up so it looks legit.

Monday, June 17, 2013

One for posterity..

So, after a flash of inspiration (I read Zenithfleet's blog), I plan on adding some lingering battle damage to my Night Lords battleship.  Since anything I do after this point is irreversible, I'm putting up some photos here and now of the battleship as she stands, all pretty and new:

And a top-down shot of the free-handed lightning bolts:

The trick will be scarring her in a way that it'll look good without being horribly overdone.  I'll get back to you on exactly how I'm going to pull that off, but I think I'm going to sear a couple of lance strikes across her prow and stern quarters, and then find a way to minimally pock-mark her midships with macro battery impact craters above and below her waterline (or whatever I should be calling the drop-off between her upper and lower gun decks).  I might also cut out and core a couple of the upper gun deck turrets to make it look like a magazine explosion took out part of one of the batteries.  I just need to make sure I don't get too carried away or I'll end up with a flying scrap-heap.  This will by necessity obliterate some of my detailwork, but I think the end result should give me a ship that doesn't look quite as pristine, and since she's supposed to have been fighting for about 10,000 years now, I figure that's more appropriate.