One for posterity..

So, after a flash of inspiration (I read Zenithfleet's blog), I plan on adding some lingering battle damage to my Night Lords battleship.  Since anything I do after this point is irreversible, I'm putting up some photos here and now of the battleship as she stands, all pretty and new:

And a top-down shot of the free-handed lightning bolts:

The trick will be scarring her in a way that it'll look good without being horribly overdone.  I'll get back to you on exactly how I'm going to pull that off, but I think I'm going to sear a couple of lance strikes across her prow and stern quarters, and then find a way to minimally pock-mark her midships with macro battery impact craters above and below her waterline (or whatever I should be calling the drop-off between her upper and lower gun decks).  I might also cut out and core a couple of the upper gun deck turrets to make it look like a magazine explosion took out part of one of the batteries.  I just need to make sure I don't get too carried away or I'll end up with a flying scrap-heap.  This will by necessity obliterate some of my detailwork, but I think the end result should give me a ship that doesn't look quite as pristine, and since she's supposed to have been fighting for about 10,000 years now, I figure that's more appropriate.