Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Khorne Lords of Battle #2

A small update.  After last night's blog post I added some brass etch to the first Lord of Battles, and converted an old, dead Knight Paladin's battle cannon into a co-axial rapid fire battle cannon for the death storm weapon mount.

I figured (a) it's already a heavily reinforced weapon mount, and (b) anchored firmly enough I can use it to represent a relatively rapid-firing "rangefinder" gun for the primary weapon (battle cannons have ~30cm more range on them than the death storm).  Now, every weapon on the Lord of Battles is represented, from the 6 basic and 3 macro close combat attacks to the 6 AP/AT shots from the on-board cannons (granted, on the original model the battle cannons were tiny little snub guns mounted to the war engine's head).

So the only thing left to do tonight was build the second war engine!  Since I can field these in formations of 1-2, you had better believe that I'm going to send 800pts of blood-crazed insanity charging straight up the board for my opponent to have to handle!

 Note:  when an 8 hour workday manages to expand into a 10 hour workday, you take your small victories where you can find them, like assembling yourself a second war engine before crashing for the night (and not supergluing your fingers together more than twice in the process!).

I wanted them to be similar but different.  Unfortunately I couldn't find my other Berserker heads (I was really hoping to use the skull helm and bare pauldron for this one, to contrast against the "helm" and skull shoulder pad of the first), so I changed the chainaxes and poses.  The first one is about to hack into someone's Warhound, probably, while the new one (on the left) is gunning down an infantry formation in front of it (not worth the time and effort to engage).

With luck, I'll coat their bases tomorrow night and get them mounted for basecoating Thursday (and maybe get a few layers of paint in).  Planning for black & gunmetal sub-layers, dark crimson plating trimmed in brass, and sparing amounts of silver where needed.

Next group gaming session is penciled in for 4/2, so I should be able to get these guys painted and the rest of my Iron Warriors fully based by then!  Probably won't be playing Lost & the Damned or World Eaters, but if Coach decides to bring his World Eaters I'll lend him Hans & Franz ("We are here to BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!") so they can get blooded.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hail to the King! - Khorne Lord of Battles #1

So this is a project I've been planning for a while, and decided to take a crack at tonight.

I've been meaning to make myself a pair of 6mm scale Khorne Lords of Battle for my Epic Chaos Space Marine army (in case I ever choose to field them as generic CSMs and/or with Lost & the Damned allies).

This guy started life as a Kataphron chassis and torso, combined with a Terminator assault cannon, Chaos Terminator power axe arm, Khorne Berserker helm & chainaxe.

I like the result:  it straddles the line between Adeptus Mechanicus and Khorne demon engine, building off of the general design of the Lord of Skulls without being too direct a port.  Honestly, I liked the Lord of Skulls design much better than the old Lord of Battles it was based off of, but it also wasn't going to work as a direct port.  It's less tentacly and demonic than my Ordinatus Medrengard, but if you look at Khorne demon engines as designed by Games Workshop/Forgeworld, brass & iron is a more appropriate look than flesh/tentacles anyhow.

My goal was to assemble something that looked and felt solid enough to be a DC6 war engine (half-painted 6mm Chaos Space Marines for scale purposes).  The original plan was going to borrow a bunch of pieces from Troublemaker Games and was going to have a track & core unit very similar to my Ordinatus, but then GW went and released their Skitarii line, and I knew I had to use the Kataphron track units (plus the torsos were a lot beefier).  I need to add another two battle cannon, and I think they might get slung under the Death Storm cannon (same weapon profile, slightly longer range).

Once I figure that out, I'll build the second, and I'll have a pair of 400pt war engines to surprise folks with next time the gaming group gets together.  I think I'm going to try to use the skull mask Berserker head and a different shoulder guard on the second one; I'd like each of these to feel unique, like a bespoke war engine assembled in homage to the dark god of slaughter.  It shouldn't be too hard to do that as a kitbash.