Hail to the King! - Khorne Lord of Battles #1

So this is a project I've been planning for a while, and decided to take a crack at tonight.

I've been meaning to make myself a pair of 6mm scale Khorne Lords of Battle for my Epic Chaos Space Marine army (in case I ever choose to field them as generic CSMs and/or with Lost & the Damned allies).

This guy started life as a Kataphron chassis and torso, combined with a Terminator assault cannon, Chaos Terminator power axe arm, Khorne Berserker helm & chainaxe.

I like the result:  it straddles the line between Adeptus Mechanicus and Khorne demon engine, building off of the general design of the Lord of Skulls without being too direct a port.  Honestly, I liked the Lord of Skulls design much better than the old Lord of Battles it was based off of, but it also wasn't going to work as a direct port.  It's less tentacly and demonic than my Ordinatus Medrengard, but if you look at Khorne demon engines as designed by Games Workshop/Forgeworld, brass & iron is a more appropriate look than flesh/tentacles anyhow.

My goal was to assemble something that looked and felt solid enough to be a DC6 war engine (half-painted 6mm Chaos Space Marines for scale purposes).  The original plan was going to borrow a bunch of pieces from Troublemaker Games and was going to have a track & core unit very similar to my Ordinatus, but then GW went and released their Skitarii line, and I knew I had to use the Kataphron track units (plus the torsos were a lot beefier).  I need to add another two battle cannon, and I think they might get slung under the Death Storm cannon (same weapon profile, slightly longer range).

Once I figure that out, I'll build the second, and I'll have a pair of 400pt war engines to surprise folks with next time the gaming group gets together.  I think I'm going to try to use the skull mask Berserker head and a different shoulder guard on the second one; I'd like each of these to feel unique, like a bespoke war engine assembled in homage to the dark god of slaughter.  It shouldn't be too hard to do that as a kitbash.