And more on the way!

My challenge for this week:  while finishing off my business school prep-work, paint 7 knights, and hopefully assemble and paint 1-2 warhound titans.  Let's see if I manage that before Saturday (B-school takes precedence of course).

So here's my first couple of painted Knights (the Baron, 3x Paladin Proxies, 3x Warden Proxies):

Meet what will hopefully be the first seven painted Knights of Cydonika.  I wanted something a little different (most of my armies tend to fall within a certain spectrum of the color palette involving blue, green, and red), so I opted for a purple/golden yellow contrast with silver trim and silver heads.  The left shin will get House Tourrash's heraldry (TBA), and the right shin will get the knight detachment's squad heraldry.

House Tourrash, the Knights of Cydonika

"Nemo nos ceperint vivos"

House Tourrash originated on Mars as part of the garrison of the Cerberus Planitia Cybernetica Forges.  They were, among other Knight Households Skitarii regiments, and a Titan Legion, eventually tasked to an Explorator fleet headed deep into the Galactic East to provide security for the fleet and its eventual colonization efforts.  The world that Explorator fleet ultimately settled upon still serves the Martian Mechanicum today, as Forge World Metalica.  House Tourrash acquitted itself well through the centuries, guarding the nascent factory templum as the Mechanicum iterated and prospered on Metalica, and rode to war on numerous occasions alongside the Legio Metalica (Iron Skulls) against the region's entrenched ork populations.

In late M34, Metalica launched an Explorator fleet to map out regions further East along the edge of ork space, ultimately settling at a suitable planet, redesignated "Cydonika" after a decade of unrelenting warfare to cleanse the ork population present.  House Tourrash has guarded the forges of Cydonika ever since, riding to war alongside Cydonikan skitarii, as well as her parent world Metalica's Titans and skitarii when requested.  To date, the House still keeps an honor guard of seven paladins on Metalica as part of the Iron Skulls' home forge defenses, and the House keeps their Knights' cockpits unpainted in honor of their shared history.

I'll update House Tourrash's lore as I finish off the miniatures, polishing it up and keeping it reasonable as I go.  My plan is to paint up my Titans for Legio Metalica (although of late, Legio Crucius is starting to compete for my affections; they might get their own miniatures at some point), and ultimately have a combined arms force of Skitarii, Titans, and Knights that I could table for a truly massive battle should I so desire.