Battlefleet Solar, Armageddon Sector Fleet List

This post is playing a little bit of catch-up with my project log over on Specialist-Arms, so bear with me; there's more coming soon, and it's not necessarily BFG.

So I'm finally getting closer to finishing an Imperial fleet I started years back in college.  At the time, I only had access to the plastic cruiser kits and metal escorts, but since then, I've been able to get my hands on a set of resin garage kit conversion parts to better represent ships produced at the forge world Voss, or other Segmentum Solar shipyards using Voss templates.

Starting from the left, you have the three Falchions of Pugnus Squadron (more to come when I get around to painting the other six I have), the Tyrant-class cruiser Aloysius Helmawr IX, the Gothic-class cruiser Lord Nevsky, the Armageddon-class Saint Drusus, the Mars-class Sanctus Macharius Victor, the Tyrant-class A. von Wallenstein, and the Armageddon-class Saint Jowen.

My plan is for these vessels to be pulled from the Sector in which Necromunda lies, late in M41 just prior to Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade.  Many of the sector fleet's vessels were previously dispatched as reserves to the Armageddon Sector to reinforce the squadrons attempting to stem the tide of Ghazkull's second invasion, and the war has left its mark on the returning ships.  Both the St. Drusus and St. Jowen were dispatched to Armageddon as Lunar-class cruisers but were upgraded over the course of the war along with many others of their class as the Imperials desperately tried to outgun the Orks who vastly outnumbered them.  The St. Macharius is Patrol Group Adamant's command vessel, with the veteran Commodore Iulia Apraksin commanding her task force from the carrier's bridge.  The Helmawr is the youngest ship in the task force, built in early M39 above Necromunda at the insistence of then-Planetary Governor Aloysius Helmawr IX, who had gotten it into his head that an Imperial Navy warship was the most suitable memorial to his illustrious personage he could have.  Lord Helmawr's micromanagement of the ship's design and construction tended more towards the ship's decoration and command & guest quarters and less-so to the specifics of the ship's class and displacement, and so when the understandably frustrated shipwrights suggested the ship be built to the specifications of the newest and increasingly popular cruiser design, he happily agreed, blind to the unsubtle irony in their choice.

Here's a closer shot of the three battle cruisers in close formation.  To round out the fleet, I plan to add another 2-3 squadrons of escorts, 4 light cruiser hulls based on the Voss light cruiser design, another nova cannon-armed Armageddon to round out my Holy (Face) Rollers, possibly a Dictator to give me more attack craft options, and I have an Apocalypse-class battleship that needs some retouching before it will join this battlegroup.  I'll have one more torpedo-armed cruiser prow left at that point, but I'm really not sure what else this fleet really needs, unless I want to reserve in a cruiser hull from another fleet list that I can't normally take in the Armageddon Sector list (maybe a Dominion or an Overlord?).  I have a couple of strike cruisers and a battle barge that I could use to thicken out the fleet if I really needed to, but I'm more partial to fielding a "pure" Imperial fleet.  I may also add some small turrets to the Tyrants and Gothic where the battle cruisers have their forward antennae; I might also use these ships to represent a Bakka list from time to time, so having the extra turrets modeled on wouldn't hurt.