House Tourrash Marches To War

I met my personal goal of painting up my first seven Knights ahead of the weekend gaming event!

Here's my first three paladins.  They're not entirely finished yet, as I have to settle on Brotherhood badges for the three Paladin groups they'll be leading, which will go on their right shins in black.

Similarly, I have to settle on a badge for the Wardens, and decide whether they're going to share a badge with my next trio of Wardens, or whether I want to give the units separate markings...

And finally the Baron.  I attempted a minor light source on his Baron Lance, adding an electric glow to the coils running up the sides of the lance.  Not sure how well I succeeded; Saturday I'll get some input in person most likely.  I have to make a banner for him too, but that's a project for another night.  Ultimately, his banner will either be a larger version of the House crest, or it will be a scroll carrying the House motto.  Don't know yet which.

As for the house Crest:  Three orbs gules per bend sinister argent, sable (hopefully I got that right).  Essentially, I wanted something that would link the House back to the Mechanicum despite their very un-Adeptus Mechanicus color scheme, so I split the heraldric field black and white, and put three circles on it in red for Mars, Metalica, and Cydonika.  It doesn't clash as badly as I feared it would, and it's better than my earlier idea of using black, red, and green.


  1. Nice Knights indeed. I love the proxies especially.


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