Status Update

Behind the scenes I've been actually getting a lot painted, and I need to get a big group shot up soon.  I just realized that the terminators & obliterators group shot never went up.  Oops!

I was going to show my Ordinatus Medrengard 1.0, but I really didn't like how "The Bullfrog" turned out.  By comparison, my 2.0 rebuild worked out much better (much more chaotic too).  Photos to follow sometime this week.

I need to finally settle on a color to paint my bases, but I'm getting close to finding the right shade for that.  I want something that would make for a natural desert/badlands look, and I'm not interested in the GW technicals, so it's taking a little work.

The Titan's somewhat delayed.  My initial attempts to create greenstuffed growths and details on the hull didn't really work out; my skills with modelling putty aren't really good enough for detail that tiny.  As a consequence, this monstrosity might be getting dedicated to Khorne soon, courtesy of some brass etch I have on hand.  Freehanding an Eye of Horus at the center of a chaos star just wasn't working out ;)

The past few weeks since my last post saw me working through finals in what was essentially my last semester of school, coordinating with work to get my paperwork processed so I can start tomorrow, packing for, and then moving.  Now that things are going to start settling down again, I can get back to working on miniatures once more.