Kingdom Death: Monster

So I want to get back to using this blog again.  I haven't touched it in a while, partially because very little has happened on the modelling front in the past few months.  Finishing school, starting a new job, moving, and launching straight into a major work project all conspired to minimize the amount of free time I spent on hobby projects.

...And then Kingdom Death:  Monster went retail.

This is one of those Kickstarters I really wish I'd backed.  Now, I'm partially glad I didn't back it, since I'd moved at least once between the KS funding and when I would have received the product (always a nightmare), and to be honest, I didn't have the funds at the time to back it to the level I would have wanted to (read:  EVERYTHING).  That said, I'm at a place in my life where I could budget for the boxed game, and even more importantly now, paint it.

Of course, getting around to it is another story.  Last weekend, I participated in my local game store's miniature tabletop gaming convention, and hosted a bunch of Star Wars Armada demo games.  One of the members of my gaming group drove up from NJ and was planning on hosting the intro story from Kingdom Death:  Monster as well, and to save him a little bulk cargo space and as an incentive to myself to get painting, I volunteered my copy.

Let me get this out of the way right now:  the miniatures are gorgeous, even in plastic (relative to the first-run resins), but the plastics have a LOT of individual components, and consequently a lot of seams.  This was probably done to minimize mold lines (which were tiny and easily cleaned up) and avoid the problem plastic molds have with undercuts, but I spent a significant amount of modelling time filling in the gaps and blending in the putty work.

As of last Wednesday, I had the four starter Survivors to this stage:

And as of Friday night when I put down the paintbrush lest my minis' faces start looking like a five year old who just discovered her mother's makeup drawer, I had worked the White Lion and the Starter Survivors to this state:

Nobody's done here, yet (going to try to budget in some time this weekend for some more skin shading, and maybe whiten the lion up a bit more again), but I'm pretty happy with how the robes turned out, and with how skin shading and highlighting is going.

After I finish this set, I'll be working on the Screaming Antelope, the Butcher, and a King's Man or two.

More to follow, as this has captured my attention for a bit.