2019.05.03 Workbench Update - Adeptus Titanicus (2018)!

So I came back from international travel feeling pretty blah this week and went straight into final stage audit preparation for a big customer audit next week.  That combination kinda killed my desire to work on my WIP Suturvora stuff, but I did manage to find some time for a less ambitious side project - firing arc templates and the initiative token for my AT18 set!

I followed GW's paint scheme for weathered bronze because I wanted the templates to look like they're plotting tools you might find in the command deck of a centuries-old Warlord titan in active service - well loved but carrying a bit of a patina of age.

  1. Black primer
  2. Balthasar Gold base coat
  3. Agrax Earthshade wash
  4. Sycorax Bronze edge highlights
  5. Nihilakh Oxide spot wash
Now, if these were real ancient weathered bronze components, they'd be mostly oxidized teal in color, with some dull bronze-brown where moisture couldn't immediately settle... but that would have been boring and icky looking, so I went for something a little more understated, and tried for "well-polished, but there's still a patina there where the servitor can't easily get."

I took a little creative license with the initiative token in the middle there, but it needed something to help break up the gleaming monotony other than ink wash in the recesses, frankly.  I think it worked out even if it's more artistic than realistic.

Not bad for my first attempt at doing weathered bronze, eh?  I might tweak these a little more as I go, but next is the 40-odd status track markers for the command consoles... although I'll probably worry about those after I come back from the audit, since I want to get more work done on my Suturvora engines tonight & tomorrow.