2019.07.17 Legio Tempestus? Where'd they come from???

Yeah, so this happened over the past two weeks.  My FLGS is running an Adeptus Titanicus escalation league starting this week and running through August, so I decided I should participate.

I didn't feel like painting Suturvora in two close-but-different scales, so I opted for Tempestus for a challenge (clean whites, checkering, shard camo).  I went for a blend of 90's era GW painting styles (bright bold colors) and Forgeworld's updated paint scheme (blued steel, heavier shard camo & checkers, generally cold paint scheme).  At this scale, I wanted colors to be bold so they'd be more visible.

I'm pretty happy with them for now, might add some decals, and some grass tufts after I seal coat them.  More weapons and a Warlord to come, eventually another 1-2 Reavers & another Warlord.


  1. Nice work. Only two weeks? It took me two weeks to get the firmware versions unglued from my fingers.


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