2019.08.09 "It's a hard day's Knight..."

So I've been painting a bunch of Knights for House Malinax lately, in an effort to grow my 1000 point Legio Tempestus force up to 1500 points for weeks 4-6 of the local Adeptus Titanicus League.

I'd say I've been pretty successful ;)

I'm happy with how these guys came out - the brown's a little dark compared to the Forgeworld scheme in 28mm, but I think I got the trim spot-on, and once I got the decals on (see below) they're totally set to go.  Here's a few pre-decal close-ups of individual Knight banners:

I finally mustered up the courage to break out my Micro Set & Micro Sol this morning and finished applying (1) scorpions to the right shoulder, (2) Forgeworld Xana II badges to the left breast, and (3) Eye of Terra/Horus symbols to the left shoulder/shield where appropriate.

I think the white might be a little too bright against the red tilt shields, but if I decide that's the case, I can always Micro Sol them off and swap them for black.

While I was at it, I finally finished the heraldry on my Reaver's left knee as well:

So with that, I'm basically done with the bare minimum of what I'd need to paint to be able to finish out the summer Adeptus Titanicus League...

...but you didn't really think I'd stop there, now, did you?

More to come ;)