2019.09.10 Workbench Update

Hoo boy.  Three weeks without getting a game of any sort in - I'm going through withdrawls here.

After completing the Warlord and its initial weapons loadout, I managed to knock out another volcano cannon, the gatling blaster, a pair of plasma annihilators, and a pair of turbolaser destructors too (Reaver carapace turbos, with the mounting cavities filled in with greenstuff and magnets sunk in).

So at this point I have enough firepower for three different Warlords, although I'm not in a rush to get that many built up and painted just yet.  After getting those painted up, I knocked out another 50 command terminal tokens, since you pretty much need 5 per titan, which means if I want to host a full game for two players, I'd need at least two sets painted up to cover core status trackers, crits, and potential Knight support, etc.

WIP sprue here, since I didn't really feel like going through the trouble of dumping out the bag full of them and trying to figure out which 50 came from the second sprue ;)

So that gets me caught most of the way up to the present on painting... so what's next?  Well, I've built another four titans for Tempestus, which I will be painting a little later this fall:

That gets me a second Warlord so I can run Myrmidon and Regia maniples, two close combat Reavers so I can try out the Corsair maniple and start body-slamming my opponents, and a fourth Waround so I can break them down into two squadrons, or run a trio and take the fourth as Mantellum Fulmen in bigger games.  This batch will see a second Apocalypse Missile battery for the Warlords (the best shield-stripping option I have if I want to go WYSIWYG until Gatling Blasters come out), as well as the second Mori & Macro for the Warlords, and another set of mid/long-range engagement weapons for the Reavers (not really sure I need a third volcano cannon or melta cannon just yet...).

But again - these guys aren't next on the painting desk.

That's my 6 Questoris Knights for Malinax, for now, and then I need to switch over and get some serious work done on my Warmaster Chaos horde for Fall In! this November.  I have ~2 months - hopefully that'll be enough to paint 2000 points worth of Warmaster.

I was feeling like I needed a break from all the blue - be careful what you wish for - so let's see if I can knock out half a dozen knights real quick... and then it's all the flesh tones, crimson armor, and brass trim I can paint until I go crazy.  Hoping contrast paints might make that go a little faster.

Also, one more thing, a test job for what comes next after I finish up Tempestus' Wave 4...

Legio Fortidus isn't forgiving anyone for the betrayal...


  1. Impressive. That is a mother load of AT. You went full boss of AT huh? One day we will have to get a game in!

    I am ruining my eyes painting samurai for Fall In. I don't know if I will make it in time. Two months don't seem so long.

    1. Yeah, I have way too many plastic titans stockpiled. We definitely should get that game in when you're back from Worlds!

    2. The last weekend in Sept is ok. 20 Oct we are with the NE group. Tim wants to do Warmaster primer event before Fall In.


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